How Important is Medical Transportation Services?

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Medical Transportation Services in Oceanside Ca are a vital mode of transportation for people who are “physically challenged”. They are persons who cannot drive their own vehicle due to disabilities, cannot afford to buy their own car or unable to drive to their doctor’s appointment.

Medical transportation is provided by private car fleets operating under the guidelines set by health insurance companies such as the government’s Medicare and Medicaid. These Oceanside Ca cabs are designed to transport medically impaired passengers such as:

  • Senior citizens in Oceanside Ca suffering from mild dementia and cannot drive on their own or cannot take public transportation.
  • Wheelchair bound patients with our without prosthetic’s with limited mobility
  • Women who are having critical pregnancy and are not allowed to drive
  • Post-surgical patients who need shuttle service for follow-up medical check-ups or have their prescriptions filled at the pharmacy
  • Individuals who don’t have access to transportation in going to see a doctor for preventive health care or medical emergencies

Medicare covers the short-term and emergency medical transportation needs of post-operative and recovering patients who need transfer from one hospital to another or in-patients going for advanced laboratory procedure in another facility. Medicaid on the other hand, accepts reimbursements for long-term medical transportation needs of its beneficiaries.

In order to qualify for Medicaid’s medical transport coverage you must be:

  • 55 years old or over
  • A US citizen or legal permanent resident
  • An adult whose income qualifies as low or below the poverty line
  • A person needing special health care as certified by a doctor accredited by the health insurance
  • A senior citizen who cannot afford the cost of long-term health care
  • Children of certain age categorized by the state as eligible
  • Person with disability who has never worked and receives Supplemental Security Income

Medicaid benefits differ from state to state. The federal government does not oblige them to comply with the government subsidized health insurance program although most states implement it. Expanded coverage of the program is being considered to cover a wider sector of the society especially the marginalized population.

To know more about medical transportation services, do not hesitate to contact us; we are happy to be of service.  We can discuss your transportation requirement and the options you may choose to help you get errands done, especially keeping your doctor’s appointments.

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How Important is Medical Transportation Services?
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